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Skiathos is rich in history since ancient times, is an island of Sporades in the central Aegean and is the birthplace of Papadiamantis whose house is impeccably preserved in the island. It’s an island generously gifted by nature. Ideal for relaxing holidays even though it is cosmopolitan and has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Historical monuments and local architecture are combined with the hospitality of its inhabitants and give unique experiences to visitors.

Skiathos Town, the capital and port of the island with many tourists has hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, nightlife. From the old port sail excursion boats carrying visitors to the beautiful beaches of the island, at Kastro, Lalaria, the nearby islands, Skopelos and Alonissos. Right in front of the harbor there are small islands, the majestic Tsougria and Tsougkriaki, Maragos, Arcos, Aspronisi, Repi.

Visit Bourtzi to the harbor, a small peninsula that separates it in two, the monument where was executed the submarine crew of Lambros Katsonis, the folklore exhibition, the Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs, the Church of Our Lady of the Lake, the Pinwheel operating as a restaurant, the lake, wetland passage of migratory birds, the picturesque pine-covered area of Punta, the Xanemo while you enjoy the sea route – Port – Lalaria – Castle.

Also discover the two small lakes of St. George and Strofylia with an area close to Koukounaries beach. Enjoy a swim at the wonderful beaches with turquoise waters, the exceptional beauty Koukounaries (at the end of the beach flows a small river its banks linked with a picturesque bridge), Banana beach with beach bar, Little and Great Aselinos, Megali Ammos, Lalaria, the Vromolimnos with the small lake near the sea, Kanapitsa, Tsougria island, Troulos worth visit the Troullonisi islets, the Agia Paraskevi, Mandraki, the Port of Xerxes, the Agistros, the small and the great Kechria, Mega Gialos, Xanemos and many other.

You can reach to the beautiful beaches of Skiathos daily with organized boat tours. Boats and fishing boats operating routes and trips to all the beautiful beaches and coastal villages of the island. Moreover, are carried out trips to Skopelos, Alonissos, around the island and to Tsougria. Enjoy the unique breathtaking sunset from the castle or follow the path that will lead you to the beach. Very close to the shore you will see Kastronisia islets. On the island there are many old churches and monasteries [6]. The churches located in Skiathos Castle are 9. To any village you stay you can enjoy your meal by choosing one of the many restaurants, your coffee or a drink in a café or club on the island. Taste fresh fish or seafood and many traditional recipes. Try the ” White ” (traditional spoon sweet with almonds). You will be delighted with the excellent service and variety of products and services. Shop in the local shops, get back with you local textiles, wine, raki, liqueurs, olive oil and olives, aromatic honey, delicious macaroons and many other local goodies. For the lovers of extreme sports, there are on the island diving, sailing centers and flying club. Enjoy unique experiences in the beautiful island of Skiathos. The island can be reached by: Ferryboat: The ferry connection is made: From Agios Konstantinos. Travel time 3 hours. From Volos daily winter – summer. Journey time 2.30 hours. From Thessaloniki 3 times a week during the summer season. The island is connected by boat especially in summer with Alonissos, Glossa Skopelos, Syros, Thira, Skopelos, Paros, Heraklion, Tinos and Naxos. By flying dolphin or catamaran: The island is well connected with Flying Dolphins and catamarans with Ag.Konstantino, Volos, Thessaloniki, Trikeri Island, Alonissos, Glossa (Skopelos), Trikeri (Pelion) and Skopelos. From Agios Konstantinos. From Volos to 1.15 hours. From Thessaloniki every day during the summer season. By plane: National Airport Skiathou.Tel .: 24270.22.376, 21.885. The airline connection with Athens is regularly and lasts 35 minutes. From Skiathos airport into town the distance is about 4 km and is accessible by taxi or car. Useful phones / Links Police: (+30) 24270 21111 Port Authority: (+30) 2427022017 Airport: (+30) 24270 22049 Ferry Boat: (+30) 24270 22204 Flying Dolphins (+30) 24270 22209 Customs Office: (+30 ) 24270 22510 Forestry Service: (+30) 22 994 24270 Tourist Police: (+30) 24270 23 172 Museum / House Alex. Papadiamantis: (+30) 24270 23843 Health Center: (+30) 24270 22222 Pharmacies: Pediatrician: (+30) 24270 21500 Cardiologist: (+30) 24270 29200 Association TAXI Skiathos: (+30) 24270 24461 Bus SKIATHOU: 2427 021 868.